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Music Walls

Our 8 unique and professionally made outdoor music walls will provide hours of entertainment for your little guests.


Play Tables

Height adjustable activity tables for use with water, sand, mud and whatever toys that are considered safe for toddlers.


Adventure Barrels

Lightweight but tough giant multi purpose barrels. Geat for crawling, rolling, hiding etc. Comes in red & blue.


Sand Pit

Comes with sand and a variety of toys, or you bring your own. The pit has plastic walls and a ground sheet.


Animal Hoppers

Very sturdy, safe and attractive hopping animals. We have dogs, donkeys, cows, pigs, unicorns, horses and dragons.


Soft Zone

Large selection of soft play blocks that can be transformed into an obstacle course or spread around randomly.


Adventure Saucers

Tough, durable and lightweight multi purpose toy for spinning, hiding, rocking around, balancing etc.


Mini Trampolines

Perfect for a fun workout for your little visitors. Trampoline ring and springs are covered with protective padding.


Obstacle Course

Encourages children into all sorts of climbing and balancing activities. Comes with protective matting when used on hard surfaces.


Ball Pit

Originally called ball crawl, our padded pit is filled with hundreds of small, heavy duty colorful hollow plastic balls.


Tunnel Rolling

Over-sized expandable crawl tunnels, used as stand alone or part of an obstacle course. Comes in red & blue.


Hopping Balls

Various sizes of hopping balls, to be used with an inflatable barrier. Can be combined with our Animal Hoppers.

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