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Guess What

100 items from the last 100 years. Participants guess what the objects are to win prizes. Themes are farming, kitchen & hunting.


Feel Box

Guess what's in the box. The box can be divided inside to allow for 2 objects, with your hands not able to touch each other.


Mermaid Shows

Up to 4 mermaids, wearing the most realistic tails in the world, made by the Mertailor in USA (


Throwing Lines

Various models of red wooden throwing and shooting lines, with or without table top containers to store activity props.


Guessing Booths

Old carnival activity for all ages. Fill the jar with whatever you like and let your visitors guess how many items are in it.


Money Spinners

Australian made, attractive and secure fundraising collection point. Fun way to quickly and easily raise money.


Boxing Kangaroo

Professionally manufactured kangaroo suit with inbuilt cooling system and fan. Copy of the 2000 Sydney Olympics mascot.


Penny Drop

Try to drop the pennies in the treasure chest at the bottom of the tank, knowing the water will change the course of the coins.


Wheel of Fortune

Authentic old fashioned wheel of fortune. You hand out or sell numbered tickets and then spin the wheel that has matching numbers.


Halloween Projects

Several activities for Halloween or other scary events, as well as various scary variations on some of our other games.

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