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Prices in this gallery do not include GST, transport or staff.


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Overview of our art and music workshops


Toddlers are seldom catered for at special events. We carry a vast range of toddler activities


Special activities, fundraising tools, exhibitions & competitions


Our age restrictions are just a guideline. Activities can often be altered for a different age group


Small event logistics that are hard to find on the event equipment rental market


Age restrictions are hard to enforce during events. See our logistics for other entry tools

Covid 19

Organising events in a new reality, using social distancing and hygiene practices

All photo’s on this website have been taken during events organised by Keos Events, or by clients that hired our equipment.

For games and logistics, purchased from external sources, we have embedded presentation videos and technical photo’s

from the manufacturers, as well as useful instruction and review videos found on Youtube.

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