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Full Overview

Full alphabetical photo library of all our unique games and entertainment.

Please visit our gallery page for the following specific collections:

Toddlers, 6+, 12+, Adults, Art, Specials and Logistics.


Adventure Barrels

Lightweight but tough giant multi purpose barrels. Geat for crawling, rolling, hiding etc. Comes in red & blue.


Aunt Sally

Try to knock the wooden skittle, or dolly, off the metal swivel on top of the post, by throwing wooden batons at it.


Balancing Eggs

Balance one section of the egg, while racing to pick up the next one, until you have build the whole egg.


Belgian Waffle Stall

Fully equipped waffle stall for Brussels waffles. With two commercial waffle irons, 3m X 3m gazebo and a sales counter.


Adventure Saucers

Tough, durable and lightweight multi purpose toy for spinning, hiding, rocking around, balancing etc.


Badge Making

Create your own badge, fridge magnet, key ring, bottle opener or pocket mirror, using various art techniques.


Barrel Toss

Throw or bounce the rubber balls into the old wine barrels, not too hard, making sure they don't bounce back.


Belly Bumping

Inflatable doughnut shaped bumping cars for the body. Just step inside and try to knock each other over.


Animal Hoppers

Very sturdy, safe and attractive hopping animals. We have dogs, donkeys, cows, pigs, unicorns, horses and dragons.


Balance Course

Our modular balance course can be set up in whatever shape. Often combined with our giant egg and spoon race.


Barrel Walking

A great way to test your balancing skills. We have barrels in 3 sizes: 22cm (S), 32cm (M) & 75cm (L) Ø.


Big Striker

How hard can you swing the hammer? A perfect strength tester: strike hard enough to ring the bell at the top.

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