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Cave Box

Installation with 4 interlocking, hollow structures, creating an internal maze. Crawl through and find your way out.


Ring A Bottle

Try to loop the ring over the bottle. Instead of the classic throwing of rings over bottles, we attached them to a long rod.


Cheese Cricket

Use the cords attached to the ring, to guide the cricket ball to the top of the board, avoiding the cheese holes.


Ladder Golf

Throw the bolas (two balls connected by a string) towards the ladder and try to wrap them around the steps.


Hook A Duck

Our duck pond is filled with hundreds of colorful ducks. An electric pump keeps them moving around.


Cow Milking

Our life sized cow doesn't kick and never get bored. A lifelike udder makes for a great and unique farm experience.


Barrel Walking

A great way to test your balancing skills. We have barrels in 3 sizes: 22cm (S), 32cm (M) & 75cm (L) Ø.


Pants Hanging

Do you have enough muscles and nerves of steel? Hang from the pant legs as long as you can, and be the last one to let go.


Fish Pond

Hook the colorful fish at the bottom of the pond, using a magnetic fishing rod. We provide steps for the little ones.


Boom Blasters

What's more exciting than the big bang of balloons bursting? How about racing a friend to see who can pop theirs first.


Tin Can Toss

Traditional fairground game. Knock our huge bruised tins from the jarrah stand, using lightweight mini basket balls.


Belly Bumping

Inflatable doughnut shaped bumping cars for the body. Just step inside and try to knock each other over.

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